How to win at online roulette every time?

Big Roulette with a ball

There are a large number of schemes for playing roulette. And the choice of strategy depends on the person: someone likes to go straight to the bank, and someone is cautious. Before you start the game, the main thing is to know the rules and remember that you can’t always win. How to win at online roulette every time?

The Martingale roulette system and its modifications

Probably the most common and well-known roulette system. Betting on simple odds (black-red, more less, etc.). When winning we win, we win the original bet, if losing it is necessary to double the bet, betting for example on a color that did not fall out, the bet played we again won the original bet, lost again doubling and so on either until the money runs out or the upper limit of the table is not reached. So this system belongs to the category of aggressive systems, with an initial bet of $1 on the eighth move (i.e. when we lose 7 times in a row we have to bet $128, to win $1). But the fact that this system can be effective, says the counter measures casinos, setting table limits, i.e. you simply will not be allowed to double to infinity, even if you have money for it.

However, one cannot speak of Martingale as a system which has no right to exist. Its advantages are obvious, it is very easy to understand. Many who played it the first time were always a winner, for example double your deposit is usually no problem, but it has two drawbacks that you should be aware of when using it.

The first is the table limits, look at the table limits before you play, but it can be bypassed in order to build the maximal possible chain. You start to play for example at one table, reach the limit switch to another, then to a third, unfortunately, here lies another disadvantage of this system, the bets increase arithmetically, and sooner or later you will run into a big strip, such as a roll-out of one color you do not want, and that ends the game. But, all the same fall-out of a row of one color for example once 12-15 times can already be attributed to a rare phenomenon. Therefore, referring to a losing system is impossible.

You can also tweak the martingale system: if you’re afraid of long chains, stretch it out as much as possible, making the first time the minimum bet of the table. You do not have to go through the whole chain till the end, define for yourself a certain moment when it is better to fix the loss and start with the original bet. It is unpleasant, but it’s better to try to win back in this way than to lose everything.

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