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Then Emily discovered about Layra as they went off to attack The Voice. Emily tried to assist Max as he died, but Vigo acknowledged that Max ‘was already dead’. Max later spoke with the Elf King, apologizing for his failure, and asked for a second likelihood. The Elf King revealed to Max that he had heard Max’s stone was guided by a voice and asked if this was true, to which Max denied.

Max Griffin was a former student of The Academy and successor of the Elf King. He was a robust stonekeeper of the past, who was reanimated by the Voice. When his Elf-pal, Layra, died during a failed attempt to liberate her household, Max became determined to wage war against his fellow humans.

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Per settlement between him and the Elf King, Max leads Chronos, a mountain large, so as to defeat the first Stonekeepers. Max is given orders to begin their march in the metropolis of Frontera and to annihilate the commoners. After the Elves declared warfare, his father captured Layra’s dad and mom and despatched them to jail, suspecting them as warfare criminals. When Max confronted him concerning the issue, his father truthfully admitted that he believed her family could be much safer in Yarboro Prison. Max and Layra have been one of the best of pals, possibly even a bit more than that. Max then helped Layra and her family escape however then the family was killed, and Max tried to avenge Layra’s dying.

max griffin

He brings a squad of soldiers with him and ultimately briefs her and her companions. They then journey to Cielis, informing Karen of the stonekeeper academy and alluring Emily with the thought of power and ruling via passing it. Eventually he is able to escape the jail, however did not get far with deadly wounds and the tough chilly environment. Near death, his stone calls out to him, reminding his impending death and provides a method out; preying on his emotions of despair, anger and vengeance.


Max was then advised that the traitor who had given this info could be executed, because the King noticed this as a terrible offense to his greatest officer. Complimenting him, the King went on to say that Max would in the future reveal his curse to him, however assured a visibly shocked and nervous Max that it was not time yet and promised to proceed his work. Max is first encountered on the beacon simply after gabilan was defeated, applauding Emily for her ability.

  • Eventually he is ready to escape the jail, but did not get far with deadly wounds and the harsh cold setting.
  • Before Max can attack the Voice, he is strangled across the neck, but Emily commands it to release him.
  • Max and Layra then share one last hug before her sudden death, because the airship was caught by army airship and was subsequently shot down without mercy.
  • “Max Griffin needs new UFC contract, struggle in hometown of Sacramento”.
  • Max then escaped with the Mother Stone, whereas dodging the amulet blasts from Trellis and Vigo as he headed into the elven helicopter.
  • Six fighters could possibly be taking a look at 180 days on the sidelines after UFC on ESPN 21.

Conversely, sixteen of 18 media shops scored the bout in favor of Griffin. In the last bout of his contract, Griffin faced Mike Perry on February 24, 2018 at UFC on Fox 28. Griffin made his promotional debut on August 20, 2016 at UFC 202 against Colby Covington. He fought for many promoters, notably Gladiator Challenge, West Coast Fighting Championship, the Warriors Cage, and Tachi Palace Fights in California. He was the former West Coast Fighting Championship welterweight and middleweight champion. Griffin was also the Tachi Palace Fight welterweight champion, and he amassed a record of 12–2 prior becoming a member of UFC.

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Accepting, Max then heals and retains his youth, due to this fact starting his path of heinous acts and alliance with the Elf King. Hearing Layra’s household was held in Yarboro prison, Max ran with this information, liberating them stealthily and reuniting them with their daughter. He then bribes an airship for them to quietly go away Cielis and into Frontera, upon there they will return to Gulfen, gaining the trust and gratefulness of all three family members. Max and Layra then share one final hug before her surprising death, because the airship was caught by army airship and was subsequently shot down with out mercy. In his rage, Max destroys the offending airship in flip, killing all these inside.

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